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[Anonymous].  Submitted.  BG 074: Analytical Meditation: Going Beyond Coffee Table Dharma.
Gunavardhana E.  Submitted.  Chloe Brotheridge: Anxiety, Meditation and Being kind to yourself..
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Contemplative Education. Redlands.
TEFD.  Submitted.  Contemplative Pedagogy. UMass Amhert.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Contemplative Practices in Action. Emmanuel College.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Contemplative Studies. Oregon State University.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Contemplative Studies Initiative. Wheaton College Massachusetts.
Miller M, Kinane K.  Submitted.  Contemplative Writing Across the Disciplines. Across the Disciplines.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Developing Healthy, Contemplative Communities – Our Learning Model. Plymouth State University.
Chen Y, Yang H, Liu L, Fang R.  Submitted.  Effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on the anxiety, depression and quality of life of patients with intrauterine adhesion: a randomized controlled trial. :10.
Boudreaux E.D, Hayes R.B, Mullen S., Pagoto S., Sadasivam R.S, Waring M.E.  Submitted.  Evaluating and selecting mobile health apps: strategies for healthcare providers and healthcare organizations.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  The History of the Pawnbroker. Historic UK.
Norbu C.  Submitted.  Longchenpa's Advice from the Heart.
Mann J, Kuyken W, Evans A.  Submitted.  MBCT course manual.
.com YR.  Submitted.  Mia Togo: Rinsing your anxiety with Yoga.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Pawnbrokers in Victorian London.
Kinane K.  Submitted.  The Place of Practice in Contemplative Pedagogy and Writing. A Journal of Language, Learning and Academic Writing. :10.
Jentery Sayers.  Submitted.  The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  The Tree of Contemplative Practices. The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.
[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Untitled.
Mehta R.  Submitted.  Yoga, the art of integration: a commentary on the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.
Chumley HS.  2019.  Back Pain. The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Family Medicine.


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