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Challenges for the Development of the Learning Process of Emotional, Social and Civic Competence in Spanish Education from a Psycho Pedagogical Perspective
Journal on Educational Psychology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2010
Pages: 19 - 26
Source ID: shanti-sources-90481
Abstract: The phenomenon of violence, in its different forms and varieties; the peak of aggravated nationalists and extremists; poverty; the different movements of migration; the role of religion, the perception of the deterioration of politics; the need for an impulse of associated movement; the need to adapt to the roles that should confront the educational institutions and the social changes that are reflected in the different unions between people, are some of the aspects that offer us a necessary framework to approach an emotional, social education and to educate the future citizens, which will able the construction of a supportive, fair, peaceful society, and where, especially, freedom and equal opportunities are respected as fundamental rights. The role and the objectives of the development of emotions and the social and civic competence are analysed, in a European context, stressing the need of a multidisciplinary and collaborative work from the psycho pedagogical field. It is necessary to indicate that the fields of orientation are diverse, on a personal, academic, professional, family or social level with the perspective of the need to implement diverse programmes of intervention, in a preventative way and for the integral education of the individual students, aimed at all of the educational community--opening up to the formal, informal and not formal spheres--related to the emotional, social and civic competence.