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Complementary therapy for improvement of quality of life in cancer patients
Journal of the Korean Medical Association
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2008
Pages: 435 - 448
Source ID: shanti-sources-40091
Abstract: As a results of reviews of database for effects of complementary therapies for improvement of Quality of Life on cancer patients, there were 8 mind-body therapies, 2 manual based therapies, 17 biologic based therapies(3 vitamin or minerals, 6 health nutrient products, 8 herbs). There were relative much more proportional studies of mind-body therapies and manual based therapies for quality of life of cancer. It were reported much more positive results in cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, art therapy, music therapy, yoga included to mind-body therapies also it were reported much more positive result in massage & acupressure included to manual based therapies. And then these findings can be considered to us clinical application of these therapies by additional studies. On the other hand, the amount of study for quality of life of cancer in biologic based therapies was relatively more smaller than mind-body therapies and the results were contrary to each other. The mistletoe, one of the biological therapeutic products, can be considered to relatively useful material as a results of this review and its seems like to have positive value for further study, materials such as honey, ginseng or heat-treated ginseng, AHCCR, selenium. The others of biologic based therapies were inconclusive due to relatively small amounts of studies or revealed negative conclusion or negative tendency by their studies. The high usual rate of complementary therapy in cancer patients in Korea is applying the screw to us study for complementary medicine and is producing needs of complementary closed co-works or cooperation between the citizens, the government, medical doctors for high quality study.