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Connecting Social and Emotional Learning with Mental Health.
Format: Report
Publication Year: 2008
Source ID: shanti-sources-88896
Abstract: As knowledge of effective treatments for mental disorders has grown, so too has the field of mental health promotion and positive development. Studies completed during the last two decades have synthesized the state of mental health promotion and documented that universal mental health supports positively affect child and adolescent developmental outcomes. Given schools' ability to access large numbers of children, they are commonly identified as the best place to provide supports to promote the universal mental health of children. This report explains the relationship between mental health and the promotion of social and emotional learning (SEL). Strategies for connecting mental health and SEL in the school setting include: (1) Implementing supportive public policies; (2) Developing safe, caring, and supportive environments; (3) Providing direct instruction for students on skills and strategies; (4) Creating infrastructure for community action; and (5) Coordinating with community agencies, schools, families, and students to create a common vision, language, and coordinated services to support healthy outcomes. A list of resources is included.