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Exploring mindfulness in teaching–learning scholarship through a reflective conversation: Practices and perspectives from scholars
Mindfulness in the Academy
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2018
Pages: 83 - 96
Source ID: shanti-sources-82836
Abstract: We are three scholars in early childhood studies, child and youth care, and nursing in an urban university in Canada. In this chapter, we offer a conversation about our experiences as we explore the significance of conscious mindful practices within the context of our respective teaching–learning roles within academia. Drawing on a performative framework, this chapter offers a conversation shaped by reflections on our current collaborations in leading workshops on personal–professional well-being of our peers. Significant to the conversation is how, as actors in the classroom and research, we also engage with our students in mindful and creative performance to encourage self-care and well-being. Our reflective dialogue thus serves to inform not only our teaching–learning, but also our research undertakings.