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The Grateful Giraffe: A Kids Yoga Feelings Book
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2017
Source ID: shanti-sources-61476
Abstract: Express your feelings through yoga poses for toddlers!Join our six yoga kids from around the world as they learn about various animals and relate their behaviors to our feelings. Be a caring koala, a cranky crocodile, or a curious cat. Visit countries around the world, learn about various animals, and talk about feelings! This feelings yoga book for toddlers and preschoolers includes a list of kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide. Kids Yoga Stories introduce you to engaging characters who will get your child laughing, moving, and creating. Reading is good for the mind AND body! The book links several yoga poses to create a coherent and meaningful sequence for very young children. This feelings yoga story for ages 2 to 5 is more than a storybook, but it's also a unique experience for young children.