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The Impact of Mindfulness Training on Middle Grades Students’ Office Discipline Referrals.
RMLE Online
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2018
Source ID: shanti-sources-26356
Abstract: Young adolescents who experience stress may also exhibit negative behaviors at school. Students whose misbehavior causes an interruption to classroom learning may be sent to the office and, as a result, lose instructional time and learning. The goal of this quasi-experimental pilot study was to determine if mindfulness training would decrease the number of office discipline referrals for middle grades students with a high number of office discipline referrals. The treatment required students to use a Muse brain-sensing headband paired with an app to train them to focus on calming and self-regulating behaviors. Data analysis indicated a statistically significant correlation between using the headband for 3 min a week and a lower number of times students were sent to the office for behavior redirection. Research with a larger sample size is recommended.