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The Way of ColorInsight: Understanding Race and Law Effectively Through Mindfulness-Based Color Insight Strategies
The Georgetown Law Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: Submitted
Source ID: shanti-sources-114451
Abstract: Despite much good effort to the contrary, reports from a wide variety of fields and locations serve daily to remind us that race still matters very much in America To many legal scholars, these reports are not only not news, but they suggest work that must be done within the legal academy and related institutions to minimize racial bias in society generally, and particularly in the justice system. For example, in his groundbreaking Article, Trojan Horses of Race, Jerry Kang highlighted research identifying and confirming implicit bias as a pervasive cognitive, interpersonal dynamic,and suggested that law professors advance scholarship focused on "teaching strate- gies," as well as "debiasing programs, and [educational] environments." More recently, Margalynne Armstrong and Stephanie Wildman argued that educators, especially those in law, must move from "colorblindness to color insight," developing approaches to teaching law that increase our capacity to understand race, and in particular whiteness and its pervasive operation in the law. This is so even though teaching and learning about race, and especially about Whiteness, is notoriously difficult for all of us.